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...'you have to take chances for the things you care about'...

...this movie is in my heart :)

Mathieu Schatzler

See all about it here:

Mark Giglio Studio Visit

And read all about it :)

Portals to Possibility

The innocent... The Lover... The Mother... The Unwise... The Loveless Child... A quick and low rez pick at my paintings... :)) Tomorrow, at noon, the exhibition "Portals to Possibility" will be under the Angellov Gallery "blessed wing" :)...

Brilliant ! 180 degree about the Right Education!

...some of the first sounds I've heard in my life :)

...first composer I knew as a child... and always find smth new and beautyful about his music...

About human nature... Take a moment to see if you find this interesting... Thank you for that :)


Some hints about what I am working on.Sorry about the light - it is an oil painting - the picture was done at about 1 AM... I shall post the next stages till I'll finish...

Vizual – “soup”-ul cotidian cu veleitati de blockbuster

Graphic Design Episodul 2. Despre cine sta in spatele imaginilor din jurul nostru (About who is behind the visual representations surrounding us every day) Constientizam influenta pe care imaginile communicate prin mass-media o au asupra obiceiu...

Vizual – “soup”-ul cotidian cu veleitati de blockbuster

Graphic Design Episodul 1. Despre creativitate si efectele sale (About Creativity and it's impact on our daily lives) Umanitatea ne este asigurata de coexistenta si permanenta intrecere intre natura emotionala si cea rationala. Fara o intrecere ...

Get High... Just on Life Baby!

All of us have someone who done that... U know... Yep... that! Trying to get rid of smth by getting high somehow... getting LOST more like it... This song reminded me that is not just one out there doing that...

Sex talk

Daily... "Something" is always present there, under the face of each activity... What is that subliminal need? It's sex in all of its various incarnations: innocent, dirty, ugly, beautiful, moving and hilarious. Really crazy to deny and stupid to say...


I dreamt again about my search... or IT dreamt about me... alien feelings are waiting in the shadow. Always looking above, seldom back...

If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of potential -- for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure sappoints; possibility never. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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